Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's June!!

So once again, a LARGE amount of time has passed since the last time we posted anything and because of this, I wouldn't be surprised if anyone even checks anymore. But lucky for the two people that will actually read this, not only do I have time BUT actually thought of blogging, so I figured better late the never!

So where to start...The holidays were fun, but let's start at the beginning of the year. My sweet Grandpa Harris passed away in January. We miss him a lot and are so grateful to all of you who helped out during that time!

Love you grandpa!

FEBRUARY came and went and was pretty uneventful. In MARCH Mack turned two and to celebrate, we had a luau!

In APRIL, I went to Utah for my sister-in-law's baby shower and graduation! My parents came up and my in-laws came and it was great! Jacoby couldn't make it because he had tests, so it meant so much that everyone else came. Someone has pics of everyone there, but I don't know you'll have to settle for this...

Then, in MAY, Cody graduated from ASU law school. It was so fun to go to his ceremony and a huge accomplishment on his part. We are so proud of him. Jax also went to prom and looked so handsome and grown up!!

Also in MAY was my dad's birthday. My mom borrowed a corvette for the night and they went out on the town!

JUNE: One of the main things we have been doing so far this June, is working on a house for my Grandma Harris. She bought a house right by my parents and we have been helping fix it up. We're excited for her to live closer to my parents and can't wait until it's all finished! Also, my parents went on our stake's pioneer trek as a "Ma" and "Pa". As nervous/anxious/worried for it as they were, they ended up having a great experience.

Jacoby taking down the hideous built int entertainment center...

Well, I think that will do for now!! As much as I hope to better at updating and hope someone else will pitch in too, I can't make any promises. But I promise we'll try!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Holidays and more...

So it's been months since anything has been posted, and since I recently finished student teaching and have time on my hands, I was nominated to be the updater. Obviously a lot has happened since July: Jacoby has his official white coat ceremony, we had a mini Harris family reunion, Halloween came(Dad dressed up as who else but Darth Vader, Cody was a rocker from the 80's, though, he could have been mistaken as me according to some lady. Tracy was the King himself, I was a golf ball, Jacoby a golfer, Mack the cutest bomber pilot ever, and Jaxon was a smurf). And the jeep was finished and Jax has actually been driving it for a while...but on Thanksgiving the axle broke and the tire fell off while driving I think(that's what they get for having me update this) and THANKFULLY no one was hurt but the jeep...hopefully it will be up and running again soon...

Oh and I had to add this picture. It's the boys playing Wii was the funniest thing time we'll have to get a video.

Monday, July 12, 2010

June and July!!

So even though an attempt was made to update the blog in June, the computer wouldn't download the pictures, so after a lot of frustration, I gave up. But I figured it was worth another shot. Now, it will be an update on June and July. At the end of May we celebrated my Dad and my birthdays with my grandma's delicious fried chicken, creamed corn, and strawberry pie (among other things). It is AMAZING and we are so lucky to have her! Jax and my dad, sold the firebird and are now currently working on a jeep...a 1965 CJ-5? Jacoby helps out a lot and I have even pitched in and helped! My parents also planted a garden a while back, and there is all sorts of good stuff coming up, including some watermelon! And some really awesome carrots(hence the picture below). Hmmm.. I think that is good enough for June.
Now for recently. We started the month off by going to Coronado, California, which is pretty much our favorite place ever. We were able to celebrate the 4th there, and we all LOVED the patriotic, small town feel. But besides dreading returning to the heat, the rest of July has been swell. Below are a few pictures of the last few months. Sorry I'm not better and narrating each picture, but at least I'm updating, right?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Graduation and stuff

Ok, so no one has updated anything lately, so I figured I should, since a lot has happened in the last couple weeks. Jacoby graduated and with that came a weekend full of graduation activities. We went to the students athlete luncheon for graduating seniors, which was a lot of fun. Then the commencement and the one where he actually walks. It made for a long, but fun weekend. I took tons of pics, but these are just a few...

It was fun...THEN, the next weekend we decided to go on a cruise. It was a Caribbean cruise and a blast. I would post some pictures of that, except, we packed up our apartment and our cord is somewhere in a box. Which brings me to the next big thing. We are moving down to AZ this Sunday. We are really excited, but it is bittersweet as well. There are tons of things we will miss here, like family and friends. But we're glad we are only a state away and will be back to visit a lot. Well that is an update on our lives! We'll see all you Arizonans soon!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!

So this is 2 days late, but I figured better late than never. So happy 27th Anniversary mom and dad!! We love you guys so much!!